Disclaimer: This blog post is about my personal life so I apologise for the degree of um, relatable-lity?

TGIF— Went swimming with SORA today at Cel's condo.

  Well I'd just say I honestly had loads of fun! Even though I brought along my little kid brother, we managed to have great fun. As a clique, we did stupid stuffs together. At some point of time, I got chased around by SORA and my little bro. Gosh, I was actually screaming for dear life. I MEAN LIKE WHO ACTUALLY WANTS TO BE PUSHED INTO THE BLUE SWIMMING POOL. It's just horrifying, at least to me. We just chilled in the pool since there were basically no else apart from us. And had had some small chat in the pool.

  Then we had western food for late lunch. The fish-and-chips was surprisingly scrumptious! I mean like you rarely find good western food around, these days. (I swear that's just plain awful ugh) After the basic needs were all fufilled, we headed back to the condo. In Cel's room, we had a mini h2h talk. It's so good to be chilling with your mates, really. We had some good laugh too.

  I think life is only fufilling when you have fun with your good friends. Even if you get into some trouble with your pals once in awhile, it's still great memories. Afterall life is about the moments we relish, the fun we have. We are teenagers so we should lead that youthful life. Go out there, have fun, chill with your good friends at times. Refrain from detrimental behavior as much as you can but still, what's fun without a little trouble? Life is about the mistakes we make, the lessons we learnt.

  I doubt anyone of us wants to grow old in future and tell your grandchildren: Oh when I was young, I studied everyday. No recollection of fun or friendships... Nothing but studies, my dear.

  Well then, as much as you probably already guessed, we took loads of selfies! Here goes before I say goodbye in advance: 

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