Condemn The Inked Dudes!

Disclaimer: There will be a couple of TFIOS references in this article. Please don't judge an article by its references :-(


   I think it is aboslutely nonsensical that tattoos are a taboo. In my opinion, tattoos are a form of art. Someone then decides to have art permanently inked onto their skin. Think of it, as perhaps a motivational post-it nore stuck on our skin! What wrong is there to provide yourself with self-motivation with each waking morming?

  Apparently, there are infinite faults in our perceptions of tattoos. Some of the many would be crowning tattoos as sinful. Then again in Singapore, tattoos have been long associated with gangs. But we still should get it into our brauns: not every inked dude (or dudette) is a baddie. (Okay?Okay!)

  It would also probably be a flaw in our society. We have been raised so as to automatically label the inked people as rebels, outcasts, "Emo". Simply put: Unacceptable. Punk is not an acceptable social label. People generally expresses disdain towards tattoos. In other words, all of us are generally stereotypical.

  What has been done has been done. What has been said has been said. Labels may just stay there forever. But maybe the next time you encounter a heavily tattooed dude (or dudette), consider not gaping in disgust. As I said, tattoos are an art form. Just like how we pay money to watch piano recitals, analyse artworks sitting in galleries, we should admire tattoos too! Should you not come to accept tattoos, maybe you could at least respect it.

  Afterall, we're all humans from the same society. Tattoos might "go against social norms" etc etc etc. But why are we forcing unique individuals with a liberty to express themselves freely to conform to our likings?

  " Acceptance is key to a better, friendlier, happier society "

  With that, I thank you for reading my blog post again! Do leave comments and tell me what you think about tattoos and/or my article. Peace out! :-)

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